Statement from one our customers

– 3D models of our products have the job of making our products, website and not least the brand more vivid and more interactive. The 3D Models aim to make our users stay longer on the page, to experience 100% security and transparency with the purchase, and to make company fruit a little sexier. We expect that our UX and conversion rates will be able to be improved by giving users a completely different experience with 3D and maintaining FrugtKurven’s position as market leader in fresh fruit freshness, user experience from start to finish and transparency and honesty.


Sales & Marketing Manager,
Lasse Dahlerup


Survey for 3D product models – why you should use them:


Survey: 60% of Online Shoppers Say They’re More Likely to Buy a Product If It’s Shown in 3D or Augmented Reality


Due to COVID-19, consumers are being more careful when they shop online. With fewer opportunities to view products in person, and the growing logistical challenges online returns, shoppers are relying on product visuals more than ever to inform their purchasing decisions. Investing in technologies such as 3D and augmented reality (AR) is essential to retailers’ ability to survive. The survey found that 60 percent of 2.569 adults who ever shop online are more likely to buy a product if it is shown in 3D or AR. Additionally, many online shoppers felt that it would help them make more confident decisions:


  • 66 percent said that 3D/AR visuals would increase their confidence that they’re buying the right product.
  • 66 percent said they would be more interested in shopping on a website if it offered 3D/AR images.
  • 42 percent say they would pay more for a product if they could see it in 3D/AR.
  • According to Google, the engagement rate of 3D ads is 3x higher compared to standard display or rich media ads and leads to higher lifts in brand equity data points like purchase intent (6.9x) and brand favorability (4.7x).