N.I.G has been a Google Street View partner since 2013, and we were the first Street View agency in the Nordic countries with dedicated sales resources. We focus on offering engaging virtual experiences using Google’s Street View technology, thus inviting the world to explore our clients from the comfort of their living room. Furthermore, we produce immersive 360-degree videos to complete the experience of ‘being there yourself’.


So far, we have shot more than 1,000 Google Street View tours across Scandinavia as well as a number of videos, and our tours have gained more than 100 million views on Google’s platforms.

Thanks to a worldwide network of certified Google photographers and filmmakers, we are able to take on assignments globally as well as locally in Denmark – and no job is too big or too small. For instance, we have shot one of there world’s largest, private Google Street View tours with close to 2.000 panoramic images.


Our clients include retail, real estate, hotel chains, schools, malls, restaurants, universities, airports, airlines, convention centers, stadiums, corporate offices, showrooms, and hospitals.