Increase your presence on Google platforms with a virtual and interactive 360-degree tour based on Google’s Street View technology. With a Google certification and more than five years of experience, we bring the Street View experience inside, and allow your clients to experience your business from their phone or computer.


With premium equipment we ensure the best possible image quality, and once the tour is shot, we use a professional moderator to put together a virtual tour and publish it directly on Google Street View. In addition, we provide you with a custom overlay to embed on all your online channels.

Why choose Google Street View

Google is by far the most used search engine in the world, and it’s most likely the first place potential customers will look, when they need to find a business in the local area. With Google Street View, you have a chance to show customers why YOUR business should be the one they visit. The 360-degree images are shot in the best possible quality using special equipment and HDR technology, ensuring that your business will look great regardless of whether visitors take the virtual tour from a computer, smartphone or tablet.


Furthermore, the figures don’t lie. 20 % increase in number of visitors, 30 % increase in number of reservations, 50 % increase in click-through rate from Google Search – these are only some of the results that companies have experienced with Google Street View. Our clients see the value of Street View, and so far we have shot close to 1,000 tours, including major hotel chains, festivals, restaurants, schools and airlines.

A bird’s eye view on the world
In addition to our Google Street View certification, we are also certified by the Danish Traffic Authorities as an approved Category 2 UAS drone operating agency.


With this, we are able to offer our clients access to professional sky views, aerial photos, and drone video in the best quality.